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About Jimmy JibsFrom music festivals to Royal events, Jimmy Jibs are an integral part of many modern TV productions. Jimmy Jibs offer a flexible solution for dynamic moving shots, as well as offering alternative camera positions for hard to reach places. The 18ft configuration allows for dramatic shots in both indoor & outdoor locations and suit a range of production types.

With experience in different production environments, from live TV, corporate and live events, Felek can bring an added dimension to your project by adding dynamic jib shots & instantly boosting the production value. Stanton Jimmy Jibs have been trusted in the television industry for many years and are a staple of productions ranging from small OBs to major live events. Felek has experience in many different shooting situations & will help you to achieve the shots you're looking for. Ben Langdale is Point Zero's Jimmy Jib technician & helps to ensure the Jib & its components are kept running smoothly, both on and off-site.

The Jimmy Jib lite offers many of the benefits of its bigger brother, the Jimmy Jib Triangle, but in a slightly smaller package. The Jimmy Jib lite can be configured in either 6, 12 or 18ft & can hold a broadcast camera.

Our Jimmy Jib Details Model: Stanton Jimmy Jib Lite (with Electronic Remote Head)
Configurations: 6ft, 12ft & 18ft Reach
Base: Three Wheel Dolly with Studio Wheels
Suitable Cameras: Sony SD/HD Studio Cameras (D50 or HDC Series), ENG cameras such as the Sony PMW 500 & similar
Compatible Lenses: Canon J11, HJ11 or HJ14 Super-Wide Lenses

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Phone: 07517092677
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